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Mwezi Belt (WIDE)

Product image 1Mwezi Belt (WIDE)
Product image 2Mwezi Belt (WIDE)
Product image 3Mwezi Belt (WIDE)
Product image 4Mwezi Belt (WIDE)
Product image 5Mwezi Belt (WIDE)

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After the 'top grain' leather is machine cut, every part of the process is completely handmade by the Maasai mamas in Kenya. It takes on average 2 days to complete just one medium sized belt.

All materials are locally sourced in Kenya. The buckles we use are sourced locally from a man living outside of Nairobi, who hand casts the buckles out of recycled brass.

Keeping with our KOY brand ethos, 5% of all purchases are invested back into the indigenous cultures that inspire us - in this case, the Maasai.

The WIDE belts are 4cm in width, and the THIN ones are 3cm. 

The belt size is in relation to the waist measurement of the Gentleman, so will generally fit a larger trouser size. ie: If you wear 34" trousers, you should buy a 36" Koy belt - see the size guide for further detail.  


See our blog - 'The Story Behind Our Maasai Beaded Belts and Dog Collars', in our BLOG page. 

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