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About Us

Who are we & what is KOY?

KOY Clothing is run by two brothers, Alastair & Jimmy Scott. We were raised in Africa and now have an ambition to help support the indigenous cultures of Kenya through luxury fashion.

Growing up in East Africa and going to school in the UK put us in a unique position to incorporate both worlds, and help support the country we grew to love so much.
Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, fascinating cultures and the stunning fabrics used by the Kenyan people, put together with the UK's quintessential fashions and lifestyles, presented us with an exciting opportunity to combine authentic African fabric with luxury lifestyle.
Since the official launch of KOY Clothing in December 2016, we have learned so much, and with greater knowledge, comes greater responsibility. The more we learned about cultural influences in fashion, we realised that many brands around the world use cultural inspirations within their designs. Sadly, not all of those brands give recognition to the cultures which inspired them. This was a chance for us to try and change this mindset and demonstrate to others the value of cultural inspiration. We do this by giving 5% of every purchase to projects within the communities of Kenya that our products are inspired by.

The 'Maasai'

The Maasai people are taking back their brand, and we're here to support them! The 'Maasai' brand is valuable, and it should belong to the Maasai people. Their name, designs and styles have been used by others for years, and the Maasai haven’t earned a penny from this, until now! After many years of hard work from the Maasai elders, with help from Position Business Ltd - https://www.positionltd.com/ - the Maasai now own their own brand. Position Business Ltd issues licences to name products after the Maasai and under this agreement 5% of the sales of those products must be paid over to the "Maasai Intellectual Propety Initiative" (MIPI).

As you may know, we name all of our products after tribes in Kenya, such as the 'Maasai'. We want to recognise the value of the 'Maasai' cultural brand, and therefore have become their first ever official licensee, and 5% of all our 'Maasai' named product sales go to the Maasai out of respect to their indigenous culture that inspires our ‘Maasai’ designs.

We are now working closely with the Maasai and Gusii tribes, and soon we will launching new projects with the Kamba and Luo tribes as well. 

'Put kenya's tribes on the map'

There are many tribes in Kenya; the 'Maasai' tribe is merely one of many. Therefore, we want to help support and promote many other indigenous tribes as well, such as the 'Luo', 'Kamba', 'Gusii', etc. It is our ultimate goal to put as many tribes 'on the map' as possible, and support them through fashion. Within each tribe there are deprived communities that we can help. It doesn't take much to make a life better in Africa, and we have the opportunity to improve many! We are running a marathon, not a sprint, and we realise this will take time, but in life you have to start somewhere! "The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do" ('Steve Jobs').

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