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Made to Measure

Welcome to Koy - "Made to Measure"
We give you the flexibility to purchase any of our below products individually tailored to your size and specifications, with some different base colour options.
Koy Jackets - Design Options
Nusu Koy Jackets - Design Options
Koy Waistcoats - Design Options
Koy Shirts - Design Options
Please contact us if you would like to place a made to measure order:
Alastair@koyclothing.com, +44 74 35752 903
Jimmy@koyclothing.com, +44 75 54427 163
We will then arrange a visit to take your measurements if possible, depending on your location.
Alternatively you may provide measurements yourself (at your own risk), visit our tailor in central London, or select a standard size (even one that we do not hold stock of).
After measurements have been taken you can expect to receive your customized Koy product within 2 weeks.
The prices for Koy Made to Measure products start at:
Koy Jackets £450
Nusu Koy Jackets £450
Koy Waistcoats £250
Koy Shirts £150


To see the range of options for each product, click on the above links.

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