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Team Colours

This is where you can be creative and choose your own colours for a truly unique Jacket or Waistcoat representing a club or sports team.

Note that these fabrics will not be sourced from Kenya, and will therefore not be Kikoy (Authentic African fabric). As such we will not automatically donate 5% of sales to the Kenyan tribes which we support. However, there will be an option to add the 5% donation.
Note that prices will vary significantly in line with order quantity, below is an estimate of price per garment:
Quantity Jackets Waistcoats Lead time* 
1 - 4 £360 £250 1 month
5 - 10 £280 £210 6 weeks
11 - 20 £255 £180 6 weeks
21 - 50 £145 £95 2 months
51+ £120 £80 2 months
*From approval of final artwork to completion
Jackets will be made to standard stock sizes and design.
However, made to measure option is available, which gives more flexibility over design as well. Please contact us if you would like made to measure with custom colours:
Alastair@koyclothing.com, 07435 752903

How it works

Pick any of our 4 stock designs (Luo, Maasai, Kamba or Gusii).
Swap any or all of the colours for colours of your choice, just provide us with the colour codes, or contact us to discuss.
Alastair@koyclothing.com, 07435 752903
We will then create an artwork for how the products would look, and send to you for approval before proceeding with production.
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