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The Story of Our 100% British Wool

We often get asked by our customers - "Is the wool you use sourced and produced ethically?" And the answer is YES! 
So, we have decided to tell you the story... 
The wool used to make our British Wool blazer is 100% natural, using renewable and biodegradable fibre, which when combined with our commitments to sourcing, recycling and green energy create a product of the highest ethical quality. 

 Here's some more info for you about the British Wool we source...

Our wool growers respect the five animal freedoms
1) Freedom from hunger and thirst 
2) Freedom from discomfort 
3) Freedom from pain and disease 
4) Freedom from fear and distress 
5) Freedom to express normal behaviour

If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to get in touch via email -
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