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Two Brothers on a Mission...

🌟 20% of Profits Donated - £50,000 Raised So Far 🌟

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"Sharing the beauty of Africa with the world in a luxury and ethical way"

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Our promise - valuing the inspiration...

“Share the beauty of Africa with the world through luxury fashion in an ethical way”

From the moment our first blazer was stitched, we made a promise to give 20% of profits to projects within Kenyan communities, helping the people, the place and the wildlife. 

Africa has so much to offer and while many choose to give back to it, there are some who sadly choose to exploit it. It is our promise to value what this stunning continent has given us.

Founding Brothers

From growing up in Kenya, we were surrounded by the stunning striped Kikoy fabric. It was a dream of ours to show the world Kenya’s bright and beautiful culture in an empowering and luxury way, and Kikoy struck us as the perfect way in which to do so…

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The birthday present that changed everything...

Alastair, the older of the two brothers wanted to get Jimmy a jacket that made him standout at his 21st birthday party. After looking everywhere for the perfect jacket, he couldn't find anything to match what he had in mind. It then occured to him that the bright and unique Kikoy fabric that surrounded them growing up in Kenya could be perfect for such a gift; considering Jimmy loved wearing Kikoy sarongs and designing himself beach shorts out of the fabric. Alastair set off to the local Kenyan markets, bought a selection of Kikoy fabric, took it to 'Charles' (A local tailor in Nairobi), 'et voila'! Without knowing it, Alastair had just shaped the brothers future...

A few years had past, and after receiving many compliments on his favourite jacket, Jimmy had a lightbulb moment: Kikoy had never been used before to create premium garments for the affordable-luxury market worldwide. 

Go Hard or Go Home

Risking it all...

In 2016, the Scott brothers put all their savings into the first batch of striped jackets and waistcoats made from Kenyan Kikoy. This was a risky move! We knew these products were bold and would only appeal to a select market. But one thing we did know, is in order to be recognised in a tough market like fashion, you need something that stands out from the rest! 

We hired a van, filled it with everything we owned with next to nothing in the bank, and hit the road... We set up shop at luxury British events, such as Polo in the Park London, Cowes Week Sailing Regatta and The Game Fair with a small 3m x 3m tradestand. 

After these 3 events we had proven a concept with a big business plan in place for innovation and growth...

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Investment Time/The Growth

Time to ramp it up...

Midway through 2017 we received investment from a hedge fund in London, which enabled us to quit our full time jobs and pursue the dream!

We went from offering purely striped blazers and waistcoats to launching an entire collection of blazers, shirts, polos, shorts, and more, all with subtle yet eye-catching details of Kenyan Kikoy Fabric. We expanded our events circuit to 12 events a year, plus stocking in over 13 stores UK wide and 6 safari lodges in Kenya. In 2019 we turned over 10x what we did in our first year and we haven't looked back since...

Kenyan Kikoy Fabric

"Used like never before"

Kikoy has a very unique striped pattern that is iconic to Kenyan culture. If you've ever been to Kenya, you would have most likely spotted this fabric used by the locals in a variety ways. From home decor, to wraps for warmth, for carrying babies on their backs, etc.

Over the years tourists took a liking to this fabric and started using it for sarongs on the beach, towels, beach shorts, etc: and now because of us - luxury fashion...

Kikoy has never been used before in the way we use it! It took us years of developing the fabric for it to be suitable for our premium garments. Thanks to Rose and her team we are now in the position to produce many new and unique stripes and colours of Kikoy.

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Kenyan Kikoy Workshop 

Rose & her team...

In February 2023, we spent an amazing day with Rose and her talented team in Nairobi who hand-weave the authentic Kenyan Kikoy fabric we use in our designs. The time, dedication and attention to detail this workshop and their team put into every meter of Kikoy is truly inspiring.

Rose started weaving after her retirement to support herself and her family. When the orders increased she started employing local artisans and now has a team of 10 weavers. Her employees now manage to make a living, send their children to school and pay for medical bills through this work. We look forward to ordering more from Rose and helping her grow her team even more...

Our £30,000 Commitment Announced (Feb 2022)

We are proud to announce our commitment to the East Africa Character Development Trust (EACDT) with a £30,000 (6 Million Kenya Shillings) donation target. Back in February 2019, we first visited the EACDT and began our misison to support the amazing work that they do with our first donation of £2,176. This grew to £9,576 over the first 3 years of our partnership (2019-2021).

We were so happy with the progress and results that the EACDT have achieved so far, we decided to further increase our donation to £10,000 per year for 3 years (2022-2025). 

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Our £30,000 Target Achieved (Feb 2024)

In 2023, this donation impacted the lives of 2,177 children (1,082 boys and 1,095 girls) with 952 character education sessions.

These sessions were key in developing confidence in the kids as they actively participate in finding solutions to issues affecting their lives. The sessions were about teaching the pupils to work hard, develop their talent and aspire to excel in everything that they do. Our students demonstrated a lot of curiosity during discourse on issues such as gender-based violence, crime, drug and substance abuse and teenage pregnancies. 

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Our Sustainablity Mission

Plastic free packaging...

Kenya made an inspiring movement towards a more eco-friendly environment by making plastic bags illegal, with a ban imposed in 2017. It was incredible to see everyone embrace these rules so quickly and with so much enthusiasm.

This gave us the inspiration to make it a priority to reduce our use of plastic packaging as best as possible. 

After searching hard for the best alternatives to plastic, we finally found an eco-friendly, non-plastic, recyclable, semi-see-through, splash proof, reusable fabric option. This fabric feels very soft and looks smart. We then added handles and close-able button clips to make them very useful bags to reuse. For example, they are great shoe bag options for traveling. It took us a while, but we can now proudly say that all of our shirts come in plastic free, eco-friendly, reusable bags. 

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