Supporting the tribes of kenya

NEW TO KOY - 'Kabisa' Shirts

Made completely from the super soft and unique African fabric, 'Kikoy', hence the name 'Kabisa', which means 'completely' in Swahili, the national language of Kenya. 

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KOY 'Maasai' Collection

Each collection we produce is named after a tribe in kenya, such as the 'Maasai'. 

It is built into our brand that we recognise the value of cultural inspirations, and therefore 5% of all purchases go back into the communities of kenya that inspire us.  

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'Nusu' KOY Jackets

100% wool jackets with subtle hints of the unique African fabric, 'Kikoy'.  

The word 'Nusu' means 'half' in Swahili, the national language of Kenya. 

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Our mission

Jumping into the world of ethical fashion...

Every sale we make helps to support and respect the indigenous cultures of Kenya who inspire our designs. 

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KOY & The 'Maasai'

It's time to respect and value indigenous cultures that inspire so many brands and products around the world. 

The Maasai are taking back their brand, and we're here to support them! 

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Inspired by kenya

In January 2018 we took the brand back home to Kenya, back to our roots where the inspiration began. 

Join us at our next Event...

Polo in the Park

Hurlingham Park




8th-10th June 2018

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