Supporting the tribes of Kenya

Autumn/Winter 18/19

Try matching our 'Nusu Kamba' jacket with our 'Maasai' Navy shirt for a stylish AW look. 

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*NEW* - Kamba nusu jacket

Made from 100% British wool and includes subtle details of the authentic African fabric 'Kikoy'. 

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*NEW* - Maasai Shirt

Inspired by the Maasai tribe of Kenya.

5% of every sale goes back into the Maasai community. 

KOY 'Luo' Collection

100% fine wool jacket and Oxford Cotton shirt with hints of the 'Luo' inspired 'Kikoy' from Kenya. 

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The inspiration behind our 'Gusii' (Pink) collection...

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'Gusii' Collection Project

Here’s a short video of our visit to ‘Kisii County’ back home in Kenya a couple weeks ago to visit our ‘Gusii’ Collection Project. It was truly inspiring to meet this special man ‘Elkana’ and hear about his mission and see how our 5% of ‘Gusii’ product sales can help the children of the community make a living in the future and preserve a beautiful cultural heritage.

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As you may know, our designs are inspired by and named after tribes and communities in Kenya, and 5% of all sales go ...

The Story Behind Our Hand Beaded Maasai Belts & Dog Collars

For many people at first glance, our Maasai beaded belts and dog collars may seem like just another a bright and colo...

Join us at our next Event...

Olympia Horse Show 

Olympia London

Hammersmith Rd, Hammersmith,

London W14 8UX

17th - 23rd December 

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