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Introducing our hand-woven Kikoy workshop 🧵🇰🇪

Where it all begins...
From growing up in Kenya, we were surrounded by the stunning striped Kikoy fabric. It was a dream of ours to show the world Kenya’s beautiful and bright culture in an empowering and luxury way, and Kikoy struck us as the perfect way in which to do so…
In February 2023, we spent an amazing day with our talented team in Nairobi who hand-weave the authentic Kenyan Kikoy fabric we use in our designs (Video above). The time, dedication and attention to detail this workshop and their team put into every meter of Kikoy is truly inspiring.
Rose started weaving after her retirement to support herself and her family. When the orders increased she started employing local artisans and now has a team of 10 weavers.
Her employees now manage to make a living, send their children to school and pay for medical bills through this work. We look forward to ordering more from Rose and helping her grow her team even more...
Koy Clothing kikoy workshop team
(Founding brothers Jimmy and Alastair Scott with the workshop team)
Kikoy has a very unique striped pattern that is iconic to Kenyan culture. If you've ever been to Kenya, you would have most likely spotted this fabric used by the locals in a variety ways. From home decor, to wraps for warmth, for carrying babies on their backs, etc.
Over the years tourists took a loving to this fabric and started using it for sarong wraps on the beach, towels, beach shorts, etc. And now because of us - luxury fashion...
Kikoy has never been used before in the way we use it!
It took us years of developing the fabric for it to be suitable for our premium garments. Thanks to Rose and her team we are now in the position to produce many new and unique stripes and colours of Kikoy.
We cannot wait to show you these designs in our upcoming product launches...
Koy Clothing hand-woven Kikoy fabric
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