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Jua Dog Collar

Product image 1Jua Dog Collar
Product image 2Jua Dog Collar
Product image 3Jua Dog Collar
Product image 4Jua Dog Collar
Product image 5Jua Dog Collar

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KOY 'Maasai' Dog Collars are hand crafted and beaded in Kenya by the Maasai Mama's themselves, who possess a lifetime skill of beading Maasai fashion accessories. Due to the authenticity of this product, each design varies slightly to the next, which provides that unique and authentic look and feel. Keeping with our KOY brand ethos, 5% of all purchases are invested back into the indigenous cultures that inspire us - in this case, the Maasai tribe.

10" Dog Collars are 0.5" wide. 13" Dog Collars are 0.75" wide. 16" and 19" Dog Collars are 1" wide.

The Dog Collar size is in relation to the the neck measurement of the Dog - see size guide for further details.

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