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Summer Wedding Linen Suit

Welcome to our Men's Summer Wedding Linen Suit collection...

Our men's linen suits are designed to elevate any gentlemans wedding wardrobe, made from a luxurious blend of linen, wool and silk, ensuring not only a sleek appearance, but also comfort, breathability and durability. 

Linen fabric has an open weave that allows for maximum airflow, making them exceptionally comfortable to wear in hot and humid weather. However, linen has the tendency to wrinkle easily, which is why we have incorperated wool and silk into the mix.

Despite wools association with winter wear, it can be a suitable fabric for summer suits when blended with lighter materials. Wool is naturally breathable and has excellent moisture-wicking properties, helping to regulate body temperature and keep you comfortable in varying weather conditions. Wool also has a luxurious drape and resilience, maintaining its shape and structure throughout the day.

Lastly, the addition of silk provides a smooth texture and lustrous sheen. When blended with linen and wool, silk adds a touch of elegance and refinement to the fabric, enhancing its appearance and drape even further.

Blending these fibers together creates a fabric that combines the best qualities of each material, resulting in a suit that is lightweight, breathable, and stylish, making it ideal for summer weddings.

Alternatively, blazers and chino combinations have become popular choices for weddings in recent years, therefore if you're after a linen blazer on it's own to pair with contrascting trousers, such as chinos. Discover our lieghtweight linen blazers via the following link - Linen Blazer Men


1. How do I choose the right size and fit for a linen suit? 

Choosing the right size for a suit is essential for a comfortable and stylish fit. We recommend looking at our size chart for each product (Link shown above the ‘Add to bag’ button on the product page). To determine the size that best corresponds to your measurements, we recommend comparing the measurements to your favourite garment that you currently own.

2. Can linen suits be worn for both casual and formal summer weddings?

Yes, linen suits can indeed be worn for both casual and formal summer weddings, making them a versatile choice for various wedding settings and dress codes. Experiment with different combinations of shirts, ties, and accessories to achieve the desired level of formality.

3. How do I prevent my linen suit from wrinkling?

Luckily for you, we have done this job for you by blending wool and silk fibers into the linen, which creates a fabric that combines the best qualities of each material, resulting in a suit that is lightweight, breathable, and wrinkle free.

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