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We are proud to continue our partnership with the East Africa Character Development Trust (EACDT) with a new £30,000 (4,624,000 KSH) donation

Back in February 2019, we first visited the EACDT and began our commitment to supporting the amazing work that they do with our first donation of £2,176. This grew to £9,576 over the first 3 years of our partnership (2019-2021). This initial funding provided sustainable support for up 80 kids for 3 years within the EACDT programme. This allowed for a suitable amount of focus and time to be given to these 80 children, resulting in life changing impact for these children.

The EACDT focusing on teaching these kids the 8 key character traits essential for life skills and development, making them more employable later on in life:

- Enthusiasm

- Perseverance

- Self-control

- Optimism

- Gratitude

- Curiosity

- Social Intelligence

- Integrity

We are so happy with the progress and results that the EACDT have achieved so far, we decided to re-visit them 2 weeks ago (February 2022) and further increase our donation to £10,000 per year for the next 3 years (2022-2025). This will provide enough money to sustainably co-sponsor an entire HUB, consisting of 1200 young boys and girls, with 14 full-time staff, who are trained in life-coaching. This HUB is now proudly known as ‘THE KOY HUB' :)

Over the next 3 years, the KOY HUB will SUSTAINABLY help to support over 1200 kids by helping to fund over 520 character development sessions per year!


Investing in the people...
We believe that in order to help the wildlife, you must invest in the people. In January 2020 we visited our 'Mara' project, which supports conservation in Kenya through 5% of all our 'Mara' collection sales (At least 50% of profits), helping the coexistence of the people and the wildlife in Kenya.

EACDT Project (February 2019)
We had a mind blowing day with these talented kids in the Kawangware slums of Nairobi in February 2019. We are proud to announce our partnership with the East Africa Character Development Trust (https://eacdt.org/) for our ‘Luo’ Collection fund. They are an incredible charity that are transforming the lives of young Kenyan children in deprived areas of Kenya through Cricket, ultimately driving them towards a better life after school. Our initial contribution will support up to 80 children through this programme for one year, and this is just the beginning. It’s an honour to be a part of such an amazing cause!
Elkana Ongesa Museum Project (October 2018)
Inspiring day with this wise man and artist - ‘Elkana Ongesa’. Here we have just handed over a confirmation letter of our funding towards ‘Elkana’s’ museum and his mission of preserving the beautiful heritage of the ‘Gusii’ tribe - ‘Kisii Soapstone Carving’. As you may know, some of our designs are inspired by tribes and communities in Kenya, and 5% of all sales go back into these communities. These inspirations come from a variety of special tribal traditions. In this case, we would like to share with you the inspiration behind our 'Gusii' (Pink) collection. Soapstone carving has been an old tradition in Kisii County. Soapstone has a stunning natural pink colour shade, hence the pink colour of our 'Gusii' collection. Elkana Ongesa was brought up in a family of soapstone carvers and the art has been in his family for generations. This funding will help Elkana train young Gusii people in the art of Soapstone carving, so they can go on to sell their own carvings in the future, which will in turn preserve this special cultural heritage. This project will also help to improve Elkana’s museum and bring more tourism to the Kisii County.
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