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Koy Clothing “Give back” monetary value calculation

Koy Clothing made a promise upon incorporation to always put aside 5% of every sale. This money goes into a pot which is then distributed to projects in Kenya in order to support the local communities in the best way we believe possible.
“5% of sales” means 5% of revenue (Net of VAT), less retailer/influencer/salespersons commission. In effect this is 5% of all proceeds that belong to Koy Clothing.
This gives our customers a clear and transparent way to know exactly how much money from each purchase is going to a good cause in Kenya.
For example, any purchases made directly from our website, www.koyclothing.com that do not use a promotional code issued by a salesperson/influencer, will accrue a donation of Price (excl VAT) x 5%
If the purchase was made through a retailer, or used an influencer/salesperson coupon then the commissions paid directly to the retailer/salesperson/influencer will be deducted from the Price (excl VAT), and 5% of this value will be set aside.
In either case, a fixed percentage of proceeds are donated to projects we truly believe in, irrespective of the product cost, or any other costs incurred by Koy Clothing limited.
Therefore, the amount of good we can do is not limited by how much profit Koy Clothing makes, or even if the company makes no profit at all.
Note that we may use other ways of explaining this amount in our marketing channels (such as “Over 50% of profits”) in order to help portray and clarify the commitment we are making and will continue to make.
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